Yoga is the complete science of mind, body and their integration. Even though in the present times yoga is mistakenly understood as another form of exercise, it is in fact, a technique for increasing the flexibility of the body through deep relaxation which involves both the mind and the body.

In reality yoga is basically a mental technique which also has the effect of making the body flexible. The actual practice of yoga is in fact exactly opposite of exercise. To maintain the position of any part of the body we need two sets of muscles on both sides of that limb. It is the balance between the two sets of muscles which determines the position of the body. For example if the body has to be turned towards left then the muscles towards the left are forced to contact in the case of exercise. Whereas, in the case of yoga, the same result of bending the body towards left is achieved by not contracting the muscles on the left but by relaxing the muscles on the right side. This relaxation of muscle is dependent on the relaxation of the mind and therefore yoga is a technique which is basically a mental technique but has its effects on the body.

“It is important to learn proper practice of Yoga from a trained teachers of yoga”

It is important to learn proper practice of Yoga from a trained teacher of yoga. Vedic Life Foundation conducts teacher training courses for training teachers of yoga and meditation. After successfully completing the teachers training course the participants get a certificate as certified teachers of yoga and certified teachers of meditation.