About Vedic Life

Veda means knowledge and Vedic life means life based on knowledge. Here knowledge refers to both kinds of knowledge that is knowledge of the objective world and also knowledge of the knower. Knowledge of the knower is the basis of all knowledge because knowledge is structured in consciousness.
The knower is also called the Self or the Atma. Vedic science is the science of knowledge. When we say vedic science we mean analysis of knowledge into its components and their interaction. The three essential components of knowledge are the knower, the known and the process of knowing. In other words the subject, the object and the process that connects the subject with the object. In vedic language the subject is called Rishi, the process of connecting the subject with the object is called Devata ans the object is called Chhandas. Knowledge comes into existence when these three components of knowledge come together. This coming together is called Samhita in vedic language. Therefore in vedic language we say Veda is the Samhita of Rishi, Devata and Chhandas. The objective of Vedic Life Foundation is to further the cause of Education by supporting the modern scientific knowledge with the ancient knowledge of the Rishi aspect and the Devata aspect of knowledge. These three sciences are called Adhyatmik Vijnan, Adhidaivik Vijnan and Adhibhautik Vijnan. All of modern science is the science of various objects and is therefore categorized under Adhibhautik Vijnan.

Vedic Life Foundation helps in propagation of techniques of meditation and Yoga and the underlying scientific basis of these techniques.

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